Photos from John Muschialli

There are lots of other photographs from John and Jan at appropriate locations on the website.


This could be an early trip to Cornwall. Read the old Megaphone articles.

On the Hill

Typical Leicester Phoenix Motorcycle Club antics.

While John Muschialli has Brian Gamble's attention Pud is going to deposit a sandwich in his beaker.

Noddy Mugglestone is given directions straight from the horse's mouth.

This may have been taken on a treasure hunt. I don't know where it was because by the time John got there he was lost.

Liquid Refreshments

No club outing was complete without gallons of liquid refreshment.

Burton Suits and Wincklepickers

Dave said "Remember Tony, if the bride throws the bouquet this way, duck and run."

Tony Bradley and Dave Parry are still running.

Check out Dave's winkle pickers!

Tony still has the same camera and, judging by the number of photos he has sent to the website, it still has the same roll of film in it.

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