Roger Greathead's Photos

Roger emailed the photos from Canada.

I'm sending you couple of photos. The motorbike picture is scanned from one taken by Rod Hull (Pud), probably around 1963. Rod could tell you all the names. The ones I know are from left to right:

Jan Mushialli, Rod Hull, Geoff Matthews, girl in front is Valerie Burton, Roger Greathead with his hand sticking up, Ron Tunks.

Thank heavens Roger put a comma in there!

Leicester Phoenix MCC 1960s group photo

There are some corkers on this photo. And the helmets as well. Ron Tunks has a good collection of Dragon badges on his Barbour jacket.

Barbour angled the left breast pocket to make access easier.

Second picture was taken last year at the Inglehurst Cricket Club reunion. Relevant people are: Ron Tunks - top left, Dave Parry - bottom left and Rod Hull - top center. Bottom right is Pete Platts who I thought may have come out to the club.

Inglehurst Cricket Club reunion Jan Muschialli Rod Hull Geoff Matthews Valerie Burton Ron Tunks Roger Greathead Keith Fosberry Ron Tunks Dave Parry Rod Hull