Terry Reynolds Collection

Club Runs and Other Events

Mush with Triton

John Muschialli bows reverently to his Triton

Devon Roads

Dave Parry, Brian Porter and Ben Crossley take a break on the road too or from or in Devon.

Club Run

A clearly recognisable shot of the back of Tony Bradley on a typical club run.

Because of the number plate of course.

Cave Men

The people here that I recognise are Jenny English, Mick Ayriss, Martin Sentance, Phil Freestone and Rob Goddard. Can you name the others?

If this was Gibralter then these would be the Barbary Apes.

World Record

Mick Ayriss, Eric Tindall and Phil Freestone after achieving the World Record for the longest non-stop motorcycle ride.


Dave Scrivens, Alan Watkinson and Alan Horne pause for sandwiches.

Ron and BSA

Ron Tunks knitting himself a new BSA.

Hey look at the top box! An original Leicester Phoenix Touring Motorcycle Club badge.


Clive Hodgkin has a go at the gymkhana at what looks like Woburn. Dave Scrivens waits for his turn on Mephistophiles.

John Muschialli Brian Porter Dave Parry Ben Crossley Gorilla Tony Bradley Paul Draycott Dave Scrivens Jenny English 2 3 Mick Ayriss 5 Martin Sentance Phil Freestone Rob Goddard Mick Ayriss Eric Tindall Phil Freestone Alan Horne Alan Watkinson Dave Scrivens Ron Tunks Clive Hodgkin Dave Scrivens
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