Ben's Collection

Odd slides from the 1960s

It is amazing what comes out of the attic. Apologies for the quality of some snaps. They are deteriorating with age (like Ben). They were also useless in the first place (like Ben again!).

Honda 450

The members just knew that these little Japanese whatsits would never make an impression on British motorcycle supremacy.

Wishbone in the 60s

Wishbone waiting for the rain to stop.

John and Tony in the 60s

John Hillyard and Tony Bradley waiting for the pub to open.

BMF Rally at Woburn

One from the Woburn BMF Show indicating that club members had other interests besides Bikes and Booze.

After ravishing a chicken Peter Wright (Wishbone) prepares to bite off Carol's head.

Motorway Break

Either on the way to the Lake District or to Glen Trool.

The system at motorway self service cafes was to pile the plate as high as possible and just pay for what was on top.

Waiting for a 10,000 mile service

Typical Sunday run picture of members leaving church after the morning service.

That isn't really true. We always had our services on Saturday at the corner garage and Sundays we went to the church with pumps.

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