European Capers


Roy and Mary Dudgon and Tony Wilde were keen members of the IMTC for many years. Roy took 8mm cine film of his tour in 1965 when they stormed the Grossglockner pass.

Sadly Mary died many years ago and both Tony and Roy have also passed on more recently. Their friend Les Hobbs salvaged what he could of their wonderful collection of 8mm film concerning motorcycling and has had some transferred to digital video. It merits a wider audience.

The following video is a five minute trailer for the half hour account of their 1965 summer tour to Austria. It is hosted on Youtube and is presented in memory of three people who enjoyed all three aspects of FTing: salutes them.

Now dig out your memorabilia and share it with us.

Les Hobbs Mary Dudgon Roy Dudgon Tony Wilde