A Steib

For Roy and Mary Dudgon

Roy and Mary Dudgon taking delivery and fitting a Steib sidecar to their BMW motorcycle. Quite typical of activities by many enthusiasts in the 1960s.

The 8mm film was saved by Les Hobbs who made it available through LPMCC.net.

Served via YouTube. There are other clips in this series.

Start of quotation Mary Dudgon was a classy lady from Bridgnorth in Shropshire England. She lost her lower leg in an accident while riding her 197 James. With the compensation, she purchased a BMW and, separately a Steib sidecar. This video shows the delivery and fitting of the Steib by her husband Roy and lifelong friend Tony. Over the years Roy extensively modified the BMW. I have no details. End of quotation

- Trevor Heath
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Start of quotation What a wonderful piece of history for Steib enthusiasts!

Thank you for sharing this, I felt like I was right there in the garage. End of quotation

- The Lone Viking
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Start of quotation How very interesting to see this clip. Mary used a BMW/Steib as she had lost a leg after an accident at Hawkstone early in the 60s. Roy and Tony always made sure her bikes were the best and the Steib she used when Paul and I first met her was one they had made, making a mould out of which a fibreglass Steib could be produced. This was an inch or so longer than a proper Steib. After some years they decided to make her a better one so Paul bought the original fibreglass one from them.

Looking at the cine film she must have bought a genuine Steib originally but for some reason had abandoned it for the fibreglass one.

If you look at Ted Trett's picture from the Sundowner this year you will see her original fibreglass sidecar - now repainted and re-upholstered and fitted to Paul's old Beetroot which has had the same make-over by my husband Keith!

Thanks to Les for this reminder. End of quotation

- Heather MacGregor

Start of quotation Margaret and myself knew Mary, her husband, and brother-in-law very well. The Steib was actually a look-a-like. They had worn one out so Roy started a very successful fibre glass business, using books from the library, making advertising signs. This gave him enough knowledge to make the sidecar. He also made panniers, top boxes, and one to fit on top of the petrol tank. These were very popular, but as soon as Mary's sidecar was finished he packed it all in; everyone in the BMW Club wanted his products.

When Mary had to go for a new limb she always went on the outfit because she insisted it was made to fit her leathers. She even refused one because the leathers would not fit over it. End of quotation

- Ken Wells