Treasure Hunt

Half of these photos are from John Muschialli and I think the others are from Derek Foster, scanned from photos recovered from an old club display board.

This must be the treasure hunt start, the only time everyone is at the same place.

Chris Mansell became Mrs Clive Hodgkin. So they weren't completely lost.

Mike Davis, generally remembered as Wombat.

Judging by the flock of vultures someone has opened a packet of crisps.

Tony and Val Loach campaigning a bike Tony can no longer remember. Anyone help?

Hover your pointer over a face. If it shows a number instead of a name, click if you can identify the person.

Great bikes, great friends, great days.

Tony Loach Val Loach Mike Davis Clive Hodgkin Chris Hodgkin Clive Hodgkin 1 2 Nigel Tarratt Tony Bradley Dave Scrivens Derek Foster Jackie Foster Val Loach Mick Ayriss Carol Wright Helen Foster 12 Alan Watkinson Allan Jarman Ben Crossley 1 Brian Porter John Ashworth 4 5 Chris Hodgkin Clive Hodgkin Chris Hodgkin Mike Davis John Ashworth Derek Jordan John Ashworth 3 4 Clive Hodgkin Mick Ayriss Peter Wright Carol Wright Val Loach Tony Loach Val Loach Tony Loach Chris Hodgkin Mick Ayriss Clive Hodgkin Val Loach Tony Loach 1 Clive Hodgkin Mick Ayriss 1 John Ashworth Allan Jarman 4 5 Derek Jordan 7 8 Tony Loach Val Loach Mike Davis