Ray Barton's photo

A photo of the club meeting we had at Kilby Bridge Cafe (I hope I got that right) We arrived and found it had burnt down.

My Velocette is in the foreground.

Ray Barton

Zoom in and out of the details by rolling your mouse wheel.

We want to know who the people are in the photo and about the motorcycles. MJF 815 URY 362 UOL 785 NBC 165 KJU 876 SJU 939 and the outfit.


Start of quotation Second from right looks like Vin Booth.

Girl on left looks like Danny's girlfriend. End of quotation

- Ken Wells

Start of quotation I don't recall ever having toast so badly burnt. End of quotation

- Warwick Pople

Start of quotation I'd guess this was taken between 1955 and 1960. It was a transport cafe where Colin Firth Car Sales is now located. End of quotation

- Trevor Brewin