Mick & Helen Ayriss

Club Runs and Race Meetings

Michael's membership starts from the sixties and he has many photos and memories.

A photo from the mid sixties, probably at the Woburn BMF Rally judging by the sunshine.

Breaking Camp

Could well be a late 60s invitation camp such as Hoton Mill, St Ives, Cambs.

Who Has the Map?

Another picture illustrating the sartorial panache of LPMCC riders. Here Ben models puddin basin hat, thornproof underwear and surgical belt.

Another Club?

There is just a faint possibility that this could be a different motorcycle club.

Back to the Bikes

This must be when they came out of a pub because no-one would hang about for photographs on the way in.

Cooling Off

Members were compelled to stop and admire their new Nortons at regular intervals.

Photo from Mick & Helen Ayriss

Could have been taken at Steve White's home in Dunton Bassett where he used to host the annual Guy Fawkes Night revelry. After burning the Guy we usually threw his Vespa scooter on as well.

Other pictures from Mick and Helen are located as follows.

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