Steve's Snaps

Photos from the late 70s/early 80s

Steve White was chairman and runs captain at one time or another and supported all club events. He also took photographs and, thank heavens, made notes on the back!

Looks like they have their attention on the pub door waiting for it to be unlocked.

Or perhaps members were distracted by a voice off left calling "Watch the dicky bird".

Fox Rally

This was taken at the Fox Rally at Donington Park.

One of the few occasions when a rally contingency could all stand up at the same time.

In the Pub

Ah, this must be a pub that let us in. For a while.

Lunch break on a run that may have been heading for Bristol and the SS Great Britain.

Yet another occasion when we were welcomed by the publican - because we didn't go in.

If you recognise any of the people without names - or can correct wrong names - then please let me know using a comment form.

Bridlington Boat Trip

Bridlington club run.

One method used to sober the lads up for the ride home. Take them out in a boat and let them swim back.

1 Noel Sheehan Sue Smith 4 5 Dave Cockerton 1 Noel Sheehan Sue Smith 4 5 Dave Cockerton Martyn Evans John Beccles Andy Wagg Lynn McCulloch Howard Wykes Ben Crossley Carl Wykes Sharon Stannard Haydn Wyatt Ron Rutherford Steve West Shirley Crane Terry Reynolds Rob Dent Terry Reynolds Ant Needham John Beccles Lynn McCulloch Howard Wykes Rob Dent Steve West Ben Crossley Martyn Evans Ron Rutherford Christine Wagg Andy Wagg Alan Reid Jane Reid Dave Smith Phil Freestone Clare Freestone Sue Smith Martin Johnson Richard Townsend 7 8 9 Colin Townsend 11 12 Trevor Evans