Trevor Evans Pics

At long last I have got round to sorting these pics. They must be 1977 with Roger Kennedy, Big George Lewis, Ben Crossley and yours truly. All I can say is thank goodness for digital cameras, they are so much easier.

I know I have more that I took over the years and one day I do hope to find them...

Late Summer in Germany

Roger Kennedy, George Lewis and Trevor Evans set out on a late summer holiday to the Mosel Valley in Germany.

Roger was riding a Honda, Trevor a Norton Commando, George on his Rocket Three and Ben on the Triumph Trident.

Big George was leading on the way to the ferry at Harwich when we came to a roundabout. Big George turned right and negotiated it anticlockwise. We chuckled to ourselves at George's sense of humour and met him coming round to our turnoff. The look of shock on George's face was a picture. He thought he was abroad already!


We visited the Nurburgring in the Eiffel Mountains and for 5 Deutchmarks motorcycled round the race circuit with full camping gear on the bikes.

Being overtaken by a car on the grass verge is embarrassing.

Traben Trabach

We camped alongside the Mosel River at Traben-Trabach. There are plenty of good bars and restaurants and it is a good centre for touring. We made friends we visited a year later when we went to the Cologne Motorcycle Show.

Cheers .. I mean Prost

The autumn evenings were warm and dry so we took supper in the open. Note the lamp suspended from a tree. This is where we bought the bier steins to keep in the flavour of the local brew.


A brief stop overlooking Köblenz.

There are fast and straight roads overlooking the river valley or take the road that twists and turns at the side of the river.

Black Forest Hotel

For a couple of days we left the tents at Traben-Trabach and toured through the Black Forest, staying overnight at a hotel where we enjoyed enough local wine, steak and chips to more than satisfy Big George.

George looked at the federbed on his bed and complained "These things are too short for me. I either get cold feet or a cold chest." We explained that they are put on the bed folded in half. "All the years I have toured Germany and I never knew that!" laughed George.

The Bikes

Big George's Rocket Three developed a hole in the middle piston. He rode home on two cylinders with a hollow spark plug and breather pipe from the middle pot. He still managed to break his chain on the autobahn.