More from Steve White

Steve has a terrific collection of photographs with dates, places and people dutifully recorded on the reverse.

Therefore if there are any errors in the descriptions they are the fault of the webmaster.

Isle of Man Ferry

A typical picture of Steve on the way over to the 1979 TT.

Considering saving time by throwing his pint directly into the Irish Sea.

Isle of Man Steam Packet

On the Isle of Man Steam Packet are Rob Dent, Terry Reynolds, Lynn McCulloch and Reuben Wesson.

Looking uncharacteristically sober.

Mick Bond and Barbara Smith

Also on the Island in that wonderful year, Mick Bond and Barbara Smith on their Moto Guzzi.

Birthday Bumps

Not sure if Daz Mauger is getting birthday bumps or being thrown into the river.

Making a wish are Carl Wykes, Alan Reid and Terry Reynolds. Who is Daz's right hand man?

Picnic at Hungover Rockers

Another pleasant picnic, just after the main course.

As usual, the puddings come in pint glasses.

The Leicester Phoenix MCC members have never been superstitious.

There were thirteen on the 1978 trip to Cologne as well as gathered here on the Island.

Exmouth 1979

Devon in 1974 with John Beccles, Jane Bryan and Ben Crossley

Steve White with Honda

Many thanks to Steve for the excellent photos. More will be put on the site.

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Open quote 1974 in Devon. Am I that old?
It's John Beccles again Close quote