The Firs

Wigston 3rd June 2003

Alan Jarvis had just arrived from Canada and not slept for two days. He stood up to the revelries like a true Phoenicean.

Before the fight

The group just before Roland Potter arrived.

Trevor Brewin (MAC) recalled early club runs and camping trips to Cornwall. That reminded Alan of the time the rain caused all the motorcycles to fall over at the camp site. There were a lot of good stories that need writing up so we can all enjoy them. Like Alan falling off on the way to the Dragon Rally and not breaking the eggs in his Belstaff pockets.

John and Sally Sim came along to give a 70s perspective of club life (they don't look old enough to talk about the 70s). John made me promise to change his thumbnail picture on the site.

Peter Juby updated the gathering on the current robust condition of the club. I think he was also trying to judge what he will be like in thirty years time.

Roland Potter disclosed plans for a possible season of motorcycle films at the Phoenix Theatre and asked for support for Motorcycle Week in July. Active as ever is our Roland.

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