Dunton Bassett Arms

Saturday 30 September 2003

Despite torrential rain there was a huge turnout to this old favourite haunt. Brian Gamble and Trevor Brewin (Mac) met up for the first time in forty years and continued their conversation as if from the evening before. Jan and John Muschialli chose our illustrius company to spend their thirty-eighth wedding anniversary. Ann Lockwood-Lee brought news of her brother Paul, who returned to Australia on Tuesday, to share with Gary Cox and the many others who were good friends - and still are!

John Muschialli ran out of fingers while explaining to Trevor Brewin (Mac) and Brian Gamble ...

... how many pints he had so far.

Dunton Bassett Arms

Haydn Wyatt and Ron Cundell surrendered cheerfully ...

... once they were promised red cross food parcels containing beer.

Dunton Bassett Arms

Ron Rutherford was excited to learn that John Beccles ...

... really is Santa Claus.

Dunton Bassett Arms

John Beccles was amused by the response of anyone behind him ...

... to his party sound effects.

Dunton Bassett Arms

Mike Parry was sure that Martin Sentance would lose his wager to remain motionless as soon as Helen Ayriss ...

... moved her hand.

Dunton Bassett Arms

As the night wore on Jan Muschialli reduced us to tears with sad songs ...

... and it wasn't because of the words.

Dunton Bassett Arms

Ann Lockwood-Lee showed brother Paul the LPMCC.net website before he returned to Australia ...

... Bob thinks the past members are so bad he wanted to go to Australia as well!

Dunton Bassett Arms

Terry Reynolds explained to Dave Cockerton (Bungalow) the similarity between a BMW and a pneumatic drill ...

... They both make holes in the road.

Dunton Bassett Arms

Electric gloves are common enough these days but Steve Brown has a pair ...

... powered directly from the National Grid.

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