Shoulder of Mutton

Foxton 19th April 2005

Ten past members settled for a quiet evening, or would have if the past Kettering and District lads hadn't turned up in force. Then the party started.


Dave Taylor asked Trevor Pywell if he would care to come outside

and repeat that last remark.

Graham Hill and Stuart Drage

Graham Hill managed to pull the glass off Stuart Drage's nose at long last.

(see last year's photos)

Nigel Maycock, Phil Clarke and Martyn Short

Nigel Maycock and Phil Clarke listen as Martyn Short explains that the reason he wraps himself in a flag of Australia is that he spends ...

... so much time upside-down.

Mary Grant, Mark Northcott, Andrew Grant and Carol Evans

Mary Grant doesn't quite understand what they mean by

"drinking glasses".



Steve White, Trevor Evans and Steve Brown

Steve White, Trevor Evans and Steve Brown noticed that Ben had ...

... slid under the table.


Mary Grant came in ...

on a Wing and a chair.


Stuart Drage



Helen Ayriss, Mary Grant and Mark Northcott

Helen Ayriss astounded onlookers by stuffing an ice-cream sundae glass ...

with twelve pairs of knickers.

Russ Pringle and Robin Gilbey


Kevin Brewin, Trevor Evans and Terry Riddle

Kevin Brewin and Terry Riddle knew Trevor Evans was a good lad but were still impressed ...

by his halo.

Mary Grant and Trevor Northcott heading home towards Kibworth

Andrew Grant warming up the Bonnie

Andrew Grant is our last hope of keeping a Bonneville ...

on the road.

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