Gate Hangs Well

Wednesday 29 August 2007

The Gate Hangs Well is part of the Legend of the Leicester Phoenix MCC because it was where the club started in 1961.

Photos by Ben

Gary Cox chose the pub but he is still bamboozled by Steve Todd's beer mat flicking trick.

Photos by Ben

Alan Jarvis could not help wondering why he travels 4000 miles and falls in with the same bad crowd every time.

Photos by Ben

Tony Bradley demonstrated to Wishbone and Dirty Eddie that he can still do the Classic Neck Tilt.

Photos by Ben

As a change from Coca-Cola and orange juice Gary Cox decided to try something off the shelf and ended up with a small bottle of vinegar.

Photos by Ben

Terry Foster brought the house down when his granddaughter Natalie arrived to taxi him and wife Noreen home.

"How did you know where we were?" asked Terry.

Natalie replied "I brought you here." Well, it was a long night!

Photos by Ben

Dirty Eddie trying desperatly to recall one of his 1960s chat up lines to try on Terry Foster's granddaughter, Natalie.

Also at the Gate Hangs Well were Sophie and Geordie Todd and Steve White but somehow they dodged the camera.

Start of quotation We enjoyed meeting all of you at the Gate Hangs Well pub. The photos are great. Look forward to seeing you all again. Thanks for the memory. End of quotation

-Terry and Noreen and Natalie.

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