Founders Day

18 July 2010

Ben saw a few friends this year but spent most of the time either pigging into burgers and cake or with nose in autojumble boxes. Here are some photos from the bike park, by far the best bit of the show.

This one is for Bill Langley who rode many trouble free miles on a 500T in the Seventies.

This is for Wishbone who will tell us if his BSA Lightning would have made it back from the continent on one cylinder pulling a trailer!

Perfect engine ... perfect frame.

Caption unnecessary.

Don't take any wooden BSAs.

This takes my vote as the neatest plot of the lot.

... and this one does not.

Take a look round. Everything you threw out of your garage twenty years ago is fetching a fortune.

Start of quotation How long do I watch the circulating shot for? How many degrees centigrade is it? I have been round 3 times now and my head is spinning. I also feel motion sickness coming on. End of quotation

- Eric

Keep watching Eric, keep watching.

Sorting through the Autojumble for that bit to complete a classic restoration or a special.

Aha! Just the thing to slot into a featherbed frame.

Start of quotation Was the rotary air engine for a Wankel bike or just for a Wankel to take home?

End of quotation

- Eric

This is much better. Beautifully engineered.

That's the end for another year.