2015 Cycling

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Blue Pig, Wolvey

Eight Embers out today with a wide variety of miles. Stting off from Cosby a cracking pace was set to Monks Kirby and beyond.

Lunch was taken at the Blue Pig in Wolvey.

After lunch the group returned for coffee in Cosby.

Chequers Inn, Woolsthorpe

Eight Embers made their way into the Vale of Belvoir and the Dirty Duck. Regrettably this well known pub is now closed (honest, it wasn't our fault) so they returned to the Chequers Inn at Woolsthorpe for a quick snack.

Two hours later they set out on a return route back to Melton Country Park. Four of the riders still had a long ride back to Leicester to complete the day.

Appleby Inn, Appleby Parva

On a cool morning twelve Embers set off south from Coalville on route 52.

We set a new record for how soon we stopped for coffee and cake - 2 miles to Beesley's Garden Centre including several circuits of the local roundabout.

Well rested and refreshed we continued our random way while the morning mists dispersed and the day became brigher.

This week's lunch break at the Appleby Inn was an excellent choice.

Our route back took us across fields but there were mercifully few big hills.

We returned via Beesley's Garden Centre for more tea and cakes. (We went twice so we could apologise)

As the day became warmer we peeled off layers of clothing. Luckily we reached our start location before we were down to underpants. Not sure if the four riders who came from Leicester kept their kecks on.

Whitehills Flaming Grill, Northampton

Eleven Embers assembled at Harborough Leisure Centre on a cold spring morning that promised showers. We were that shower! Four riders cycled in from various start locations.

After safely feeling our way through the tunnels on the Brampton Way we reached the Whitehills Flaming Grill as a change from our usual lunch stop.

Roll your mouse wheel to zoom into the above photo of eleven flaming grillers.

Three Embers managed to polish off their main course and tackle a pudding as well.

Two punctures on the way back - Mick's back tyre, then the front one. Slightly delayed us reaching coffee and cake at the Leisure Centre.

Although few hills and taken at a reasonable pace there were many sore parts due to the rough track surface.


The adventures continue in May