Motorcycle Live

NEC Tuesday 22 November 2016

We again fielded two truckloads of Embers for our annual Motorcycle Live havoc wreaking. We also met up with Simon Draycott (Dirty Eddie Jr) and, by extaordinary coincidence, Mike Parry was on our shuttle bus from the car park.

Put your mouse pointer over the photo to see our "movie".

Simon made a much better mannequin and dolly bait than any other of the Embers. But that didn't stop us trying.

We caught up with past Kettering and District MCC members Phil Barton and Stuart Drage on the Triumph Owners stand. Stuart promised to join us for more cycle rides in 2017.

The bikes on display had our heads spinning.

Our disorderly conduct includes randomly threading our way through the displays.

From time to time the occupants of truck A bump into truck B passengers, usually in the vicinity of a food stall.

As well as the new models from manufacturers it was interesting to see some of the details. Hand guards for road bikes, ubiquitous LED lamps and sometimes the two combined. One Royal Enfield sported a heated towel rail.

Some designs always stretch the credibility but there is nothing new about that trend.

Meanwhile, tried and tested designs keep on returning; several Chinese versions of Honda designs are available at budget prices. We saw a Mash bike come through our control on this year's National Rally.

It will be interesting to see how many Norton V4s are entered in next year's National Rally!