Founders Day 2018

22 July 2018 - Vintage MCC Taverners Section

Stanford Hall near Lutterworth again hosted Taverners' Founders Day with club displays, auto jumble and arena events. Old Leicester Phoenix MCC members and friends crawled out of their pits to check the value of their junk boxes. Or was it for Trudy's cake?

No matter how many old bikes you see there is always something ... er ... new.

If you can break your attention from the lovingly restored motorcycles you might catch sight of a disgracefully neglected friend.

John Parbery was there with his bike on the Moto Morini stand. John has retired and now spends a lot of his time marshalling at sports events and riding his bike.

The bike park is every bit as interesting as the official displays. Elsewhere such interest in other people's motorcycles would be looked upon with suspicion.

Postscript: Two guys spotted my T-shirt and thanked us for running Kegworth NRR Control. They were among those who started there this year. Most of the people named on this page have marshalled for the NRR.