2021 Cycling




During COVID-19 restrictions you can cycle on any day. Miles will count on your best day in the week beginning on Monday.

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On Thursday at 10am we are cycling from a car park locally.

Even as we layed plans, we were thrown into Tier 5. We can still take cycling exercise with one other person, but cafés and take-aways are likely to be closed. They can still provide a nominal targets but must be within your local area!

Government Guidance, updated 3 March 2021: "exercise with your household (or support bubble) or one other person, this should be limited to once per day, and you should not travel outside your local area."

Expand the map and zoom out to see some suggested cafés.

Zoom out to see all scheduled start locations. Zoom in to see exact location.

If you have a smartphone you can find our next start location at
pretty useful if you get lost on the way there!

Let me know your mobile number if you are coming so I can keep you informed of late changes and the location of the pub we go to for lunch.

See all our rides since the start of 2015 mapped out across the East Midlands and beyond. Or freewheel through our photos since the beginning of 2014 with our cycling Slide Show.


Join our Rides

The core group have past membership of the Leicester Phoenix MCC in common. We share an easy-going nature that makes everyone welcome.

Our riding style is similarly easy-going. We spend a lot of the time walking up hills, chatting at the side of the road, posing for glamorous photos and eating bananas. Sometime we ride our bicycles.

This isn't a slimming regime due to our lunch stops. Nor is it a keep fit session. The best we can hope is that we are delaying decaying.


Our rides are often circular. There are lots of options to take a short cut back if your legs are wobbly, your tyre is flat or the weather is less than perfect.

This is how the Embers have progressed over the years. Left shows standard miles, right shows total number of participations.


Click the graph bars to go to the year index page: Click elsewhere on the graph to toggle a finer monthly view. Tooltips show values.

If you don't fancy pedalling you can join our Motorcycle Reconnaissance Group or meet us at our lunch stop. Or sit back in your computer chair and set a route using our on‑line map.