2021 Cycling

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COVID-19, Week 43

First week of the New Year and many Embers cycled miles solo or in pairs.

COVID-19, Week 44

Most of the many Embers cycled on Friday. Total distance this week reached miles.

COVID-19, Week 45

There were many riders cycled miles this week.

Cycling With Us

Join us on your own. Send in your best day's cycling miles to add to our tally.

Covid-19 Cycling Rules

These are our conditions for socially acceptable, safe cycling.
Continue to cycle responsibly.

  1. Ride on any day.
    Week starts Monday.
  2. Cycle in a 'household' group
    or with one other and keep 2 metres apart.
  3. Report your name, miles and general route.
    Send a selfie if possible


Keep in contact using phones, email, SMS, WhatsApp group and Skype. Or via our Contact Centre.

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