Update Episode

Can't remember what happened next - paramedics in attendence render me conscious ...

- Bob

May 1st - pub run-arrived at old Lee Circle Post office - Terry Reynolds - Dave Cockerton - Mick & Helen Ayriss already in attendance -great to re-aquaint with ex members. After much talking eventually decide to proceed with pub run - headed out on A47 Uppingham Road. At traffic lights on Uppingham Road Dave pulled up alongside and informed me that the Harley was pissing out petrol from beneath the engine - stopped to investigate - was petrol out of the carb breather pipe - fortunately did not spray onto exhaust system - attempts to stop leakage unsuccesful.

Decided to return home to see if could cure problem - wife surprised to see me back home early - thought I had been in another accident!!!!!.

Stripped air filter and carb from bike - found carb float chamber to be full of sh.. - cleaned everything out, re-assembled - bike started no probs - decided to continue with pub run and see if could catch up.

Surprise Surprise - caught up with them on A47 past Uppingham - strange that they going so slowly - realised we had gained another rider - Steve Brown on a Matchless combo - thanks Steve and a thank you to Ben Crossley who gave the wrong information as to which pub we were to visit thus delaying the run for me to catch up. Proceeded onto pub for a good lunch and convivial company.

June 2006 - Good runs out on bike no incidents - single seat setup gave unbearable arse ache - too uncomfortable for longer distance riding - replace single seat with plumptious well padded dual seat - re-fit sissy bar and pillion footpegs - queue of relatives now want a ride on a Harley.

Disaster strikes again - last week of June headed out on A50 towards Coalville - approaching old quarry island near Groby - move into centre lane to overtake artic in nearside lane - lorry suddenly does sharp 90 degree right turn at island - cuts off the road ahead - only time for me to shout 'OH SHIT' before impact with the lorry.

Can't remember what happened next - paramedics in attendence render me conscious - cut off my leathers and clothing to check for injuries - nice ride in the ambulance with oxygen mask - cleanest air I had breathed for a long time.

Arrive at Royal Infimary - usual checks to determine state of injuries - fortunately nothing broken - just road rash and injuries associated with hitting a 70 ton lorry and the highway - allowed home late that evening - survive on pain killers and alcohol again for the next few days.

Bikeless again - claim for repairs or payout in with insurers - awaiting engineer's inspection report.

Don't know whether will have another bike - believe used my 9th life up in this incident - wife, mother, relatives pressurise me to give up on biking - we will see!!!!!!

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