National Rally

Syston control is in the car park of The Gate Hangs Well public house. The control opens 12.00 midday Saturday until 5:48am on Sunday.

This control is linked from...
(7) Belton 25 points
(9) Burton on Trent 30 points
(31) Kegorth 25 points
(32) Kettering 30 points

The pub serves food until 6pm on Saturday.

Wide range of services and fuel available 2 miles south.

This map shows all controls for 2019, including unmanned controls that you need to go to if it is part of your route!

Syston Control will be run by Mick Ayriss under the LPMCC Embers banner. They will be glad of help from any friends who would like to volunteer. Just a few hours will help, especially in the dead of night.