National Rally

26th May 2007

You may or may not know that the Rally for this year has had to be cancelled much to our disappointment. I enclose a copy of the formal Press Release on the reverse of this letter which gives the reasons why this has happened.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for the work you have done so far regarding the Rally; without volunteers like yourselves there could never be a Rally like ours.

If the National Road Rally visits your area in the future I hope that we may be able to count on your help.

All the best,

Chief Marshal


Cancellation of the 2007 National Road Rally

The number of entrants received for the 2007 National Road Rally at the close of entries, 25th May, is 489 and is 50% down on last year. With this number of entrants it is not practical to hold the Rally and it is with great regret that the decision to cancel the event has been taken.

Whilst the Rally has been an important part of the year for many motorcyclists for a long period of time, this year has disappointingly seen a very slow uptake of entrants. With the National Road Rally seeing an increase in entries in 2006 compared to 2005, the organisers were hopeful of seeing another increase in 2007 by having the finish in Scarborough to coincide with the start of the Scarborough Bike Week.

Frank Carter, Clerk of the Course, said, "Over the last few days the joint organisers, ACU and BMF have given much thought to ways in which the rally might have continued, but taking into account the manning of 80 plus Controls by several hundred individual volunteers from a variety of clubs and organisations, it was not possible to achieve this. We could not expect these good people to keep open the controls for 20 hours when we know that many may have very few riders, or indeed none, visit their individual Controls."

We do offer our sincere apologises to those riders who entered and who will be very disappointed by this decision, but we feel sure they will understand there was no alternative. Many of you will have made arrangements to raise funds for Mencap and this decision can only add to your disappointment. Full entry fees will be returned to all within the next 14 days.

To all the Clubs and Organisations and their respective individual members who have done so much work in the lead up to the event and who in many cases make this an annual part of their club activities we know and share with you the disappointment the cancellation will mean, but we are ever thankful for all your support.

The cancellation will mean that the support you have all given Mencap in the past will not be achieved this year and this we will all regret and we thank them for understanding our position.

Quite a number of changes had been made to the event this year, which included the change of date and finish venue to coincide with the Scarborough Bike Week. We do not, at this time, know the reason for the drop in entries, since little comment has been received, but a full review of the rally will be undertaken and the organisers seek the comment of riders past and present. 2008 is a very important year being the 75th year since the first rally was held, a landmark that the organisers wish to mark. We are hopeful that the National Road Rally will take place in 2008 and all comment will be welcomed and should be sent to the National Road Rally Secretary, at the ACU House, Wood St. Rugby, CV21 2YX.

If you require any further information please contact Brian George, ACU Press Officer 01788 566428 or via e-mail

As a consequence of the above development the Controls did NOT operate on 23/24 June but the briefing session scheduled for 9 June went ahead. Well, we didn't want to forfeit a night out did we? Attendance for the debrief was purely voluntary (heard that one before!)