Skype Nights

Every Wednesday at 8pm

Setting Up

Over the 2005 Christmas break your Distributed Development Team worked hard pushing forward the white hot cutting edge of communications technology on your behalf. Derek Foster suggested we try SKYPE. Alan Jarvis and Ben Crossley downloaded the 8Mbyte free program, installed it and registered their accounts. By 21.45 GMT we had connected a conference call between the three of us. It was a great success and we stayed talking, making plans and swapping jokes for nearly two hours at a total cost of zilch. A great way to link pals over vast distances.

Here are some of the benefits of SKYPE.

The SKYPE website tells you all you need to know. Any recent PC will have enough speed, memory and disc space for it to work. You also need speakers and a microphone but a head-set is better. If you only have one speaker out socket you can use a two-into-one stereo earphone jack to take audio to your speakers and earphones. Switch off the speakers when you use SKYPE to avoid feedback and to keep the blue jokes from your children's ears.

Take it on your travels by installing a Skype App on an Android or Apple smart phone or tablet.

Voice quality is usually excellent but on a slow connection can vary from twangy musical slurs to helium filled Micky Mouse. Perhaps that is just Alan's Canadian accent after a few beers. Oh yes! Final technical necessity is the beer! Don't forget that.

When you sign up for SKYPE you choose a user name. This is your unique 'Phone Number' on SKYPE. We found (the hard way) that the user name must not contain any spaces - use the under_score character instead.

When you have set up your Skype, call the Skype Echo / Sound Test Service to check everything is tickety-boo.

What to do with the technology.

Once you are up and running add the following identities into your Skype Contacts List by clicking each Skype contact ID. Give us a call by clicking the telephone icon. Or let me know your ID by email so I can add you to approved callers.

We hold Skype Nights on every Wednesday at 20.00 hrs. If we know you are joining in then Alan, Ben or Derek will make the initial conference call to you.

Past members and friends all across the world can join in the Virtual Club Night.

Leicester France Spain Tenerife Ottowa Florida California Australia New Zealand Goa South Africa Netherlands Venezuela Philippines

Join the fun!

Join our Skype Night

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