Shows the photos received but not yet added to the website.



  1. Transfer photos (from email, disc or card) to My Pictures/lpmcc/SenderName/incoming.
  2. Rename photos with identifying title/final photo name.
  3. Edit photo by leveling, extending colour range and saturation, colour correction, clarify, crop, resize, sharpen.
  4. Save edited photo to appropriate section/photos folder.
  5. Crop and resize to 125x94 for thumbnail in section/thumbs saved as b_idonlyNN.jpg. The "idonly" part of the name indicates the page that the photo will be put on.
  6. Complete entry in photos_incoming.xls and export to new inpics_db list in gallery/incoming.js.


List of the badges received but not yet added to the website.


* Dates of receipt are approximate.

For a detailed indent of rally badge owners, see the Badge People listing.

Badge additions per month since 2006