Pub Reviews

  1. Drag and drop all review emails into the review folder after the week closes.
  2. Run run_1st.bat to convert them all to text files and produce a list.txt file of their names.
  3. Refresh (or first run) this page to import the list and then sequentially read each email for its pub, date and reviews.
  4. Export the data to pubs.js > pubs_db[ ].
  5. Replace back_message[ ] in home/data.js.
  6. Only replace pubs.js > id_db[ ] after all reviews are in (eg 10 days)
  7. Also produces a new back_message[ ] array for home/data.js, even if no reviews are present.
  8. Run xterminate.bat to delete all old text files ready for the next set.
Data for cycle/pub.js > pub_db[ ]

Introducing Reviews

Click in the ⊕ to open the review.
Marker shapes vary from a cross ✖ ⬤ to ▲ a ✓ ★ star,
colours black       to       gold. Close the review by clicking the same symbol.

Back Messages


To go into home/data.js > back_message[ ]

Reviewer IDs

To go into cycle/pubs.js > id_db[ ]