True NRR Miles

Import the latest controls20nn.js file and use Alt-Tab Ctrl-V Alt-Tab to copy the JSON content into the text area and move focus back to the next data set.

In the JSON window: Click "Raw Data" tab and then use hotkey
$F1::Send {tab 2}{enter}{pause 20}!{tab}{pause 20}^v{pause 20}!{tab}
$F1::Send ^u^a^c{pause 10}^{f4}^v!{tab}
to paste, read, list the link and returns focus to the JSON window.

Note: Virtual controls do not show true miles. To make the total miles accurate the virtual-to-next miles are previous-to-next minus previous-to-virtual miles.

Lines 21 and 37 can be enabled to find only virtual control direct distance adjustment miles.

The API returns the most efficient routes when calculating directions. Travel time is the primary factor optimized, but the API may also take into account other factors such as distance, number of turns and many more when deciding which route is the most efficient.