Some pictures slide across to reveal more. Click on the chevrons at the left and right to see previous and next picture.


Other pictures, especially group photos, may have the option of zooming in. If there is a manifying glass icon at the top right, wherever you click on that picture remains targetted under the cross hairs when the picture is magnified. Other zoomable images usually say in the caption that rolling your mousewheel will zoom in and out of the picture.

Group pictures of ex-members are often "mapped" so that using the mouse to hover the pointer over a person or face results in a "tooltip" with the name. It show a number when we don't recall the name. Click it to open the Contact Centre and add the person's name.

Most of the photos are scanned from old prints and slides, some, like us, showing signs of age and abuse. Where necessary they have been adjusted in one or more ways.

If you want a better version email me for a copy. There are varius ways to identify which photo you want. Clicking it may open the Contact Centre with the photo file name. Or enlarging a thumbnail may produce a button at the bottom of the page that also opens the Contact Centre with the photo ID.

Sometimes the picture is a link and if you click it something else will happen.