The B.M.F. - What It Is And What It Stands For.

By Bruce Preston - at the time Editor of Unity Magazine.

Issues of the day were compulsory passenger insurance, 70mph speed limit, raising minimum licence age to 17 for a motorcycle and compulory safety helmets. The B.M.F. had recently succeeded in getting a reduction for motorcyclists of the Severn crossing toll from 2/6d to 1/- (Half a crown down to a shilling or for new readers from 12.5p to 5p)

At that time the British Motorcyclists Federation was a federation of clubs rather than riders. Its individual membership section was the Fellowship of Riders (FoR). Aims of the B.M.F. included:

Club affiliation cost 6d (A tanner or 2.5p new money) per member per year and there was a move to increase this to 2/6d. Club membership in that year was 15/- (75p)