Picking up Unity (B.M.F. magazine) I was interested to see the second of a series of articles about jobs for the club committee. With our annual general meeting coming up on the 12th February and the chance for everyone in the club to have a go at being on the committee and helping to organise club events, it is I am sure true that more club members would like to help do a job on the committee but are never sure what it entails and so this series should help any would be committee member.

I also noticed in the Unity an idea that riders should wear distinctive coloured scarves which could be tied to the handle bar ends in the event of a breakdown. Looking at the back of Unity I see the idea has been accepted and a yellow nylon (I personally would have preferred toweling) scarf has been selected.

In recent years the club has held several raffles which have always been fairly successful but this year it has excelled all expectations and was a near sell out (about 20 books returned out of 800). I hope Derek and his family enjoyed the Red Cross food parcel!

Peter Wright, Editor




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