About Our New Magazine Cover

We have had quite a pleasing response to our new look Megaphone. When working closely on a project such as the magazine, methods of improvement are often suggested by people not directly concerned. This was the case. We were so involved with the contents that the general appearance had been neglected. When we were enlightened we first decided to use the club badge as the design, but this would have involved a great expense in the cost of printing. So after a re-think our present cover came into being.

The drawing for the cover had the printed words stuck on and the whole picture was reversed (similar to a photo negative) closing the plate making operation. One reason for having this type of plate is that it produces a good area of colour and by using different colours we can use the same plate for future Megaphone covers.

cover 1968-9

This new cover came from one member being interested enough to say "Why don't you do it this way", which goes to show that interest can and does bring results.