Help The Club To Help You

Now a beef on behalf of people who organise things to do for the Club Members and are very poorly supported. An example of this was Phil Freestone's first Treaaure Hunt starting at Great Glen. Only 3 bikes turned up. This I think is a very poor show as Phil puts in a terrific lot of work into these hunts because he has to go out to check the routes and does a lot of hard work.

Remember - Help The Club To Help You

If you don't support the Club one day there might not be a Club to support you.

Start of quotation RE Phil Freestone's first Treaaure Hunt - I guess that is Treasure!

Sorry I would have attended - but ...

1, I was not informed of the time & date (I guess - it was last week)

2, Could I have participated in my car as my bike is not on the road at the moment. - I hope it will for next years Glorius summer - assuming all this hype on global warming is true! End of quotation

- Ann Omeus

Nearer two thousand weeks ago. In a car you could provide a checkpoint. (On a Gold Wing you can provide two checkpoints Ann.) As for global warming, back in 1972 we hadn't even thought of the idea.