Well, here we are once again, at the start of another year. With a new committee and members old and new we are again ready to start to do ourselves up for motorcycling and prepare ourselves for the new helmet law which will come into force very soon. And no doubt towards the end of this year our 'friend' John Peyton will introduce compulsory gloves to cut down deaths by frostbite.

At the moment we are in need of new members and, as you know, we cannot exist without members so please let's have a combined effort to obtain some more members. It doesn't matter if he rides a Honda 50 or an M.V. 750, we still want him, so try and persuade him to come down on a club night or to come on a club run (of which I hope we shall have quite a few) You'll never know if he'll make a good member unless you approach him, he won't come to you.

If you have any advertisements you would like to place in the Megaphone contact Dick Taylor or any other committee member and let us know your wishes. Also if anyone has any bright ideas to help liven up the Megaphone and make it more jollyficacious, let us know.

So don't forget more members and more ideas for the Megaphone.


Richard Taylor