The Continuing Tale Of Rob Goddard

Well members, here I am again, writing the biggest load of rubbish ever to be palmed off on mankind.

My first bit this week is how the motorcycles in the club have changed over the last five years. When I first joined the club, most of the members had old, or second hand bikes, mostly Ariel Arrows, Nortons, A.J.S. etc (Not heard of that make before) (M.A. excepted of course.)

I can remember when I first bought my C15 four and a half years ago. I remember the first time I brought it down the club I was the centre of sick jokes, e.g. "Bob's robbed a bank", "I don't know anybody with a C15", "Who's had a rich auntie die then?" because it was only a year old.

With one exception all the bikes were British then. Those were the days when club runs had an average speed of 50 miles per hour. (Ed. Didn't you go then Rob?)


To be continued.


Rob Goddard