Letters To The Editor

Dear Sir

"Pedestrian Slicers"

Motorcycles are compelled by law to carry a registration plate mounted on the front mudguard, a knife edge, a potential killer, yet the law forbids such devices, sharp edges, to protrude from motor cars.

We at the CROYDON MOTORCYCLE CLUB wish to see the abolition of front number plates for motorcycles; an unnecessary danger, already condemned by most countries in the world including the USA.



Yours Dave Ledger

Croydon MCC

Dear Sir,

May I through the columns of Megaphone say thank you to each and every club member too numerous to mention who helped finance the recent successful long distance award attempt for the BMF Rally at Donington Park.

Almost six pounds was collected with donations from almost every member approached and this certainly went some way towards helping to finance the project.

My route took me up the A50 towards the M6 and hence to Gretna. There I travelled west to Stranraer and then north to Glasgow. A quick sprint to Edinburgh found me in the welcome home of some friends just outside the city. On Sunday my arising was rather later than planned but the lack of traffic on early Sunday roads enabled an extremely rapid run down to Donington covering the 270 miles in no more than 4½ hours.

For those of a financial mind the run cost just over ten pounds in petrol plus one pint of oil to cover some 744 miles. Tyre wear wasn't as bad as I had anticipated but even though I took a spray on grease canister and used it regularly the rain proved a little too much especially on the Saturday resulting in a chain so red as to provoke thoughts of offering for sale to Dave Stocker.

Once again, thanks to all kind enough to provide me with a long wet ride and the club with yet another real motorcycling achievement.

Yours, Dave Smith

(alias Commando Mk IIA - now bent again)