Letters To The Editor

(Although the editor usually has to write letters to himself because no-one else will, he still refuses to be held responsible for any of his wilder jabberings.)

Dear Sir (or me as the case may be)

Noted in an old issue of "The Motor Cycle" for 26 June 1958 was the following comment from Mr J E Newsome. He was it seems rather worried about the lack of works entries in a certain ROAD race in a certain island midway between Blackpool and Belfast. Indeed he remarked upon the procession like demonstration of Mr J Surtees aboard an MV (wonder where they come from) leaving all the opposition. Mr Newsome's fears led him to request action from the ACU and the FIM to encourage support from other manufacturers.

Must be something about these Italian machines that always generates jealousy of their success.

Signed - A Watcher of winners through the ages.

PS The same paper also carried news of certain other victories scored by another Italian machine. Ducati if my memory serves be correctly.

Dear Sir,

As reported in the last Megaphone I have backtracked through the 1973 issues with the result that eleven different names have cropped up at the end of the many articles and letters and rather than embarrass those who have promised articles but have failed to produce the goods (Don't worry Alan, your secrets are safe with the Phoenix) I shall announce only the name of the most prolific pen of the year - and this belongs to Dave Stocker. Thus Dave, you are eligible for the honored reward of being allowed a regular spot in the Megaphone.

Seriously though, call on me and I'll buy you a pint for helping the editor and myself to fill what would otherwise have been seventy pages of blank paper.

Dave Smith