Expansion Chamber

Here is a new edition of the Megaphone Expansion Chamber. Designed to keep you informed about the various functions and competitions we are running and how you are doing in them.

Readers are invited to write in to the column with any suggestions for club activities. They don't even have to be signed. Mark them Expansion Chamber and (Dave)

Many members still don't know how to gain themselves points so I have written this table which explains it all for you.

Introducing a motorcyclist to our club
If they join
Taking part in social events involving other clubs5
Club runs including mystery runs 
Attending on time
Following on later or being a pillion passenger
Treasure hunts 
Attending as a pillion passenger
Finishing the course
Finishing as a pillion passenger
Winning, second and third place
(Points shared if two up)
3, 2, 1
Megaphone, writing an article3
Club nights 
Attending before 8.30
Arriving later
Competitions, quizes etc held on club nights 
Winning, second and third
In team events each member of the winning team will score points as in individual events
3, 2, 1
For organising an event or competition where doing so precludes entry1

Now that you know the score make sure that you do so by both gaining the points and by letting me (Roland Potter) know what you've done.

At the end of each month I shall prepare a table of the scorers so you can keep track of how you are doing.

Looking ahead a bit now to Thursday March the 27th,. We've an skittles match with a buffet. Entrance to this event is unfortunately limited by the size of the venue (The Rose and Crown at Houghton on the Hill) and so wee are going to sell tickets to this event. These are available from Dave Smith (membership sec) for 50p each. It will be a first come first served sort of idea for the tickets with preference given only to members. Therefore get your tickets now from Dave Smith.

Well, that's all from me now so B.F.N. Roland Events Sec.