Club Bits And Pieces

At the recent AGM perhaps the most revealing disclosures were that Brian Porter has been under Tony Bradley for a few years now and that Rob Goddard thinks Alan Tabiner will make a good secretary and "He's alright really". Also we learnt that the landlady is willing to do rolls but would appreciate forewarning of the numbers involved. Well, that seems fair enough doesn't it? All in all though it was certainly one of the best AGMs we have had in many a long year and the turnout of members was quite frankly outstanding at what used to be probably the worst attended event of the club year.

A repeat of the business covered seems unnecessary except to run through the new committee which for better or for worse is to guide the club for the coming twelve months.

Chairman once again is Tony Bradley, the new look Tony at that, weighing less than ever. Secretary is also unchanged with Alan Tabiner doing the honours (and he's alright really). Membership Sec (that's me folks) also continues from last year as you might have guessed from the load of drivel and typing errors you are reading. (What price a beginner's dictionary?). Treasurer also continues as before, Les Freestone. I have it on good authority that he was talking of new Velo Thruxtons at £1000+. Just to prove that we did have an AGM Events Sec for the coming year will be Roland Potter, winner of many competitions last year. That way everyone else gets a chance as he daren't win his own competitions dare he? Finally club runs are to be entrusted to the capable hands of Mr (MCA) Pete Vines. I understand that his little emporium does good lines in chains and tyres which you will all use going on his club runs. Still, anyone who runs a plastic Norton (bumper diseconomy size) can't be all that bad now can he?


There will now be a short intermission during which you may think in eager anticipation of all the articles which were promised for the issue but were not to materialise.



As we go to the typewriter we understand that the last line of page one is to be ignored as the member concerned has now renewed his annual subscription. Thank you Dave.

Dave Smith