"We All Leaned Over"

Steve White called round the other Saturday but he didn't manage to catch me cleaning the Norton; he wasn't quick enough for that! He wanted a lift for the club run the following day as his bike was leaking too much oil (must be British) and his other bike had handling difficulties (Japanese or a bent frame). This agreed he called round early on Sunday morning (09.45) and we set off for Lee Circle to see who else was going to venture out.

The turnout was quite impressive really, three big Commandoes, one even bigger Kwakker and a 'baby' Laverda. Nearly as much B.H.P. as my wagon at work!

Only fifteen minutes late and we were on our way to a 'mystery' destination in the Black Country (Howda du da). Actually it was the Glynne Arms, Hinley near Dudley. Quite a reasonable pint of Bank's Ale and a building which has suffered more subsidence in its 200 year history than even the pound's value.

The entire building leans at some 15° though, of course, the floors have been levelled, well nearly anyway. The whole impression is to wonder how much you've had to drink. Quite interesting if you can find it.

We journeyed through the country onto some good motorcycling roads through Redditch and Bromsgrove to arrive at Hinley village about midday. Now Hinley is a very small place, only two roads off the main road, but it took us until just after one to locate the pub. (In fairness it is some four miles from the village.) So far no real problems except Bob on the 'baby' Laverda, who insisted on wielding a screwdriver at the carbs every time we stopped to check the maps. Not to worry though 'cause the Laverda wasn't frightened into running happily on both cylinders (must be an Italian strong point that, I seem to remember another Italian twin with the same problems).

After a dinner time pint and masses of butties etc we set off heavier than usual along more reasonably good roads, plenty of bend swinging and not too much traffic.

The route home was varied through Bromsgrove, Redditch and down to Stratford, on to Wellsbourne and past Craydon to Rugby and then home with a welcome stop for coffee at Steve's.

Brian really seemed happy to point out a crack on the fork leg of another pair of forks Steve had just bought. Funny 'cause Brian isn't usually this nasty (or is he?) Still, you'll have to attend to this Steve 'cause now we all know about it we'll be watching for broken front forks.

That's about it really; not brilliant weather but at least it didn't rain (pity, the Norton could do with a bath). 850 trouble free miles on five bikes, still, I suppose we expect this sort of reliability these days.


D Smith