Editorial August/September 1976

I shall start this issue by welcoming all new members who have joined us in the past couple of months. Nice to see you. Our membership is now well over seventy and rising which is very encouraging.

The committee are very impressed with the turnout to recent events which encourages us to organise more. The mystery run/skittles match was a great success and the landlord was left with a very good impression of the Club. Another event will be held at the Lord Bassett Arms, Sapcote on Thursday 16th September against the Hinckley & District to provide some real competition.

Everybody seemed to enjoy the Manoeuvrability Trial on the 24th June, even Dave Stocker who attempted to clear up one of the judges (me). The three best bikes (and riders) were GAY 492L (moped) MJF 70P (400-4) 606 COE (A10). Congratulations all.

Remaining with competition winners; last issue Mastermind Competition was won by Dennis the barman, so this issue I've made it even easier for you.

Ben Crossley provided the committee with six very impressive designs for the Cover competition and the winning design will grace the next issue (in colour even). Actually Ben also drew last issue and this issue's cover as well as contributing worthwhile articles (BOGRI) for the Megaphone. Well done Ben.

The October/November issue should be the biggest yet, promised articles include - The Italian Connection, ACU National Rally, The Goose Fair Rally, The Island 1976 and a sequel to last issues The Bike Shop. more articles are needed so come and see me and we'll work something out.

Thanks again to Sue, without whose nimble fingers this Megaphone would never get off the ground.


Terry Reynolds