Captain Cook Rally

The Captain Cook Rally was being held at a place called Shildon (up North lad) and we decided to go on Friday night. We were to meet at the junction of Sileby Road and the Fosse at 5.50pm but I didn't get my bike back until 4.30 (new primary chain) so I was late. Tony Bradley (650SS) and Ben Crossley (750 Norton) had already left but Mick Ayriss (750 Norton) had waited for me.

We took the A46 to Bingham then the A6097, A614 and onto the A1; here we met Tony and Ben at the first filling station.

The ride from there was uneventful, save for Mick's bike wiggling its back end at low speeds. This fair turned my speedo on.

We turned off the A1 onto the A68, A6072 and rode into Shildon to be aimed in the direction of the camp site by fellow campers standing outside the pub waving pint glasses.

The camp site was reasonable apart from the foot high thistles everywhere, very painful when you go for a walk a 3.00 in the morning. We pitched the tents and then walked into Sheldon to do some window shopping.

On Saturday morning we went down to the B.R. wagon works in Shildon; it was their annual open day and well worth a visit. They were working in most departments, from dismantling old trucks to forging new components. We spent about three hours looking round and visiting the bar. The trek back to the campsite seemed longer than the way down and we slept off the effects during the afternoon.

Saturday night began with a ride into Darlington for a Chinese meal, then back to Shildon to the Civic Hall where a Rock'n'Roll disco was on. There were about 380 rallyists and another 90 from the Tees Tornadoes, the host club. A great evening was had by all finalizing with a great rendition of 'Alouetta'.

Sunday morning was again fine and we packed and set off for home. The trip back was uneventful except for a terrific cross wind on the A1 and I'm sure I saw Ben with his feet on the bars trying to keep his bike in a straight line. I really enjoyed my first rally and the Tees Tornadoes organised a really good one.


Ian Bower(Rocket III)