Club Run To Silverstone

This run comprised of Dave Cockerton (F1), Noel Sheehan (200 Yam), Dave Hill and myself (T3).

We left Lee Circle at 9.45 after leaving a note for any late arrivers. It was a first run without any major delays (everybody had managed to eat breakfast before setting out). We stopped for petrol and coffee at a cafe which only had sweets, cakes and cold sausage rolls for hungry travellers (they didn't have a cook). I was volunteered as a cook by somebody who had obviously not tasted my cooking but luckily there was no food to be cooked. We carried on and although Noel wanted to stop at a pub (what a good idea) the two Daves decided to push on as it was getting late.

On arrival I discovered my age had gone down again (children were admitted free). Discovering the ladies I disappeared for a while and the fellas took themselves off somewhere.

When I emerged they were nowhere in sight so I decided it was time I had some dinner (I was sure they could find me if they wanted to). So I went to the cafe where I found the lads tucking into sausage, chips and beans. Later we had a look around the bikes and watched some club racing but Noel and I were soon hungry again and we returned for some food. We did not expect tasteless hamburgers though and Dave Hill, always ready for a fight, decided that they weren't good enough and that mine was going back (Noel had eaten his). After going here, there and everywhere we finally found the manager and Dave told him what he thought of his hamburgers (poor man). The manager never lost his temper but just put his hand in his pocket and gave us the money back for both of them.

Feeling a little better we took a look at the stock cars, met some people and agreed to go home. We really flew back, the wind was behind us and noel tried hard and burnt a piston. We had to leave the Yam with a nice lady and Dave Cockerton allowed himself to be talked into ferrying Noel home. As it was getting dark we stopped for petrol and once for a drink. The weather stayed fine until we got home and a good time was had by all.