Chase Rally 1976

In November of last year the Hednesford & District M.C.C. held their third Chase Rally at Chasewater Pleasure Park and as in 1975 it was attended by over a 1000 riders.

The Corby & Kettering and the Leicester Phoenix contributed about a dozen members each and when Dave Hill & myself arrived late on Saturday afternoon we were extremely lucky to be able to find a place to camp close to them. The day had apparently been spent looking at bikes, watching the go-kart racing, losing money in the arcade & trying to keep warm. Looking forward to a good booze up Dave & I decided to have some food so accompanied by Dave Cockerton, Steve White & Noel Sheehan we walked to a nearby transport cafe & gorged ourselves.

We had been warned that most of the pubs in the area would refuse to serve bikers but I was confident that a pub we used the year before would be all right but when we arrived there well before opening time the landlord came out to tell us he wasn't going to open due to some damage having been done at lunchtime. Disappointed we walked back to the campsite where we found the Corby & Kettering preparing to ride out in search of a pub, but we didn't fancy the idea of taking our bikes out so asking at the control we were told of another pub about three miles from the site & we walked there.

The disco was very well run, the D.J. dedicated lots of records to us & the knockers M.C.C. who were present as well, & we all danced, drank & enjoyed ourselves.

First time rallyist Noel Sheehan however celebrated his baptism to the rally faith in true style; after losing a beer drinking competition to Dave Hill & myself he declared he could drink anything we cou1d give him. A lethal concoction of cider, cherry brandy & vodka was half drunk and Noel stayed in the loo for the rest of the evening & we were duly punished because we had to carry him back to the site.

Next morning we were all shook awake by some sadistic sods exceeding 10.000 revs & after a breakfast in the transport cafe that helped our poor stomachs we returned home along the A5 joined by Pete & Chris Vines on their 900 BMW who had been over to Wolverhampton to visit friends.

Everybody seemed to enjoy the rally & there was no evidence of any trouble apart from the few idiots who upset the pub landlord on Saturday morning. The organisers had acquired a motorcycle copper who seemed to enjoy himself as well & was on the campsite for the whole weekend. When he rode away he was proudly displaying a rally badge & a sticker on his police Norton.