Editorial Autumn 1978

Questions like "What's the Megaphone?" really spurred me into action.

- Terry Reynolds

It seems a very long time since the last Megaphone was left on the tables at closing time but I didn't realise how long it was until I started talking to the other members who had never seen a Megaphone. I know we have had a lot of new members recently but questions like "What's the Megaphone?" really spurred me into action.

The past few weeks have seen numerous visits to other clubs - The Eagles - Clifton & District - Hinckley & District - Corby & Kettering have all had the pleasure of our company. On Monday 21st August we are visiting the Burton RoadRiders along with Tony Wilkins who is lending a few Hondas for them and us to evaluate. On Wednesday 9th August we will be welcoming the Clifton & District club to a game of darts, and planned visits are to the Coventry Antelope and Loughborough & District.

Club Runs have totted up a few miles on quite a few machines. A record forty-nine members have attended club runs so far this year and there are a few club runs left; you'll find them listed further on in Megaphone.

When the club runs finally come to a halt you needn't think you can go back to lie-ins on Sunday mornings and proper dinners again because we are going to start rallying through the weekends. Last weekend saw the first of this season's Leicester Phoenix attendance when eighteen members travelled to Donington Park and the Fox Rally. Forthcoming rallies on the list include the Goose Fair, Antelope and Chase.

Another road event still open to members is the Annual Photo Rally which closes in September. Briefly all you have to do is photograph your bike in front of a village sign beginning with each letter of the alphabet. The villages must be in Leicestershire or Rutland and the tiebreaker will be photographs of pub signs depicting railway steam engines.

Looking forward to Christmas and a dance is planned for December 1st at the Cricket Pavilion, Grace Road.

Being organised by the Training Scheme side of the club the event is called 'The Meet' and will be open to all members and friends. The prizes for the annual events - Club Runs - Photo Rally - Club Support etc will be awarded there and also the Autumn Raffle winners will be drawn.

The Autumn Raffle will start shortly and all members are asked to take books home and to work. There will be some good prizes with the first of a portable TV.

The next Megaphone will be out some time in December so see if you can write something for it. Anything will do - road test, fiction, club run report or memories of yesteryear.

Safe Riding

Terry Reynolds