Dave Scattergood

Update profile Feb '12.

Ben recalls being pillion on Dave's Kettle at 90+ with a back tyre inflated with Finilec.

Dave Scattergood was a club member in the late 70s and maybe the 1980s but somehow he is still only in his mid twenties.

Dave is still in Leicestershire at Kings Norton and married to Jane after meeting her on a blind date in '76 on a bike run! The club has a lot to answer for! They are still biking and have a Honda VTX 1800 which they tow behind their camper van on trips to Scotland.

Start of quotation I don't think we could ride that far now. Don't know how we managed a 5000 mile trip round Europe with Paul & Lynda Dunn in '76. End of quotation

Dave promises to get to an old members club night again. The one he went to a couple of years ago he was the only one on a bike! Well it was frosty.

Start of quotation I remember a few members going to the club on a Weds in cars if it was raining! End of quotation

(Yes Dave, we are Enthusiasts, not Masochists)

Start of quotation I well remember Leicester Phoenix. We went on some good rallies & runs. Terry Reynolds only overtook if there was something coming the other way. End of quotation

Dave was also a member of Corby & Kettering club. He is still in the building trade and has not won the lottery yet. Dave has had ten houses since '77. I guess he needs to learn how to build them to last longer.

He says he will dig out some photos including one of Paul Dunn with cow shit on his long johns. Only Dave knows what he was up to so we hope he tells all.



Start of quotation Still got the VTX and Jane. Bought a '76 GL1000 off eBay last year. Boy did it seem heavy to push until I realised the brakes were seized. Anyway after some work got it through MOT and back on the road. When I had a go on one in 78 it was like a starship. Compared with a modern bike they are terrible.

Anyone remember Lucy? We are still in touch. She had a Honda 125 and then a Commando. Hers is another bike I have in my garage.

Jane wanted me to buy a Guzzi Californian last week as well! What a woman encouraging me to get more bikes.

Might be 58 but get on that bile & I feel 21 again. End of quotation