Richard Taylor

Update profile February 2009.

Megaphone editor circa 1973.
Original training scheme instructor who watched his trainee ride down Southgates Underpass the wrong way.
Dropping Phil Freestone's Commando.

Richard's club membership spanned from the end of the sixties to the early eighties. In that time he was always keen for a motorcycle ride and a joke session.

Since Richard retired from Leicestershire and Rutland's finest he has been keeping himself sane with a perverted interest in steam engines and happily solvent since 2007 as a Senior Conductor on the railways.

Richard and his family still live in the same village close to the city. He has sufficient community interest to take on the job of Parish vice chairman. Ah, that's our Dick. We knew there would be vice involved somewhere.

The Gold-Wing is still a treasured family heirloom although Richard is now getting geared up to obtain a newer motorcycle so he can join local friends on their jaunts to Belgium to sample the local beer. Richard also has an ancient BSA that is half way through a fifty year restoration project. If you are in the area in 2030AD you may see him getting up steam on an A7.

Start of quotation I had the Wing on the road for part of 2008. However, on one run I noticed there were cracks in the sidewalls of the rear tyre so off the road she came again . May use her again although I am thinking of selling and buying a BMW. It's an R80/6 or 7 with a genuine RS colour matched fairing. I also have the chance to buy either a Commando or a Velo or even my old BSA A7 I used to own in the very early 80's! End of quotation

- Richard


Dick, what else? The other things he has been called were not nicknames! Richard uses the nom de plume Dickymint but not nearly often enough.