Update profile Feb '07.

Events Sec in 1977
His speedo fair turned on by Mick's wiggling back end.
Round Midlands trophy winner.
What happened to the 3 into 1 carb manifold for the Rocket?

Ian can't remember when he was a member of the Phoenix. Those years seem shrouded in an alcoholic mist. 1972-1978 sounds about right.

Ian is living in Syston, not far from Mick Ayriss. He was working for a print firm along with Colin Townsend until '73. He then spent a year painting electricity pylons; scary stuff but awsome money. This financed the start a print business along with an old school mate. They split up in 1978 and he started again on his own and is still running.

He has a son, Michael, who has just bought his first bike.

Ian is still riding. The BSA Rocket lll he bought in '75 is nearing the end of a 20 year re-build. "I don't like to rush these things." All the problems are sorted with the head and he is now fitting the old silencers. After that she will be ready for a drop of go juice and a hefty kick.

Ian recently parted with a CBR 1000F to a minister and member of the Christian Bikers club. He now has a brand new Kawasaki VN900 cruiser as he felt it was time for a bit of armchair comfort, "and what a difference to the CBR" says Ian. He covered 5000 miles in the first four months.

As for hobbies etc., Ian has been flying for 20 odd years, diving for a while, shooting cycling youth ... oops ... shooting, cycling, youth hostelling and camping. Michael and Ian are doing the Pennine Way at the moment. So there would seem to be some life left in the old dog yet. He is also a member of a couple of car clubs.