Jez Kenchington

Update profile October '07.

Wot, no sins?
Come on, dish the dirt!

Jez and Nina still live in Leicester "Bit further out than the gobbin distance of the Martin pub it used to be".

Jez married the wunderful Nina Kersley (there u go 2 updates for the price of 1) and they raised three kids (& 1 grandson). The eldest is married & living in Sheffield. The other two are still at home and attending colleges.

When Jez was layed off from engineering in 1990 he gave up being a wage slave and re-trained to get back to the soil. "Grew up on the farm you know". He has been a self-employed gardener for a while now.

Jez treated himself to a little Fiat van and is now hooked on multi-jet diesels "supercharged to you". He gets exercise walking the latest dog, a Jack Russell "A breed I never thought I would have. A real softy but bright and snappy if he has to be."

Jez does not have a bike at the moment but will return, hopefully when college duties are fulfilled.

Bikes 1st to last (some overlapped)

BSA Bantam (x2)
Honda SS50
BSA B25 Starfire 250
Honda CB200 (to get to college cause the bloody starfire kept packing up)
Suzuki GS550 (sigh, my first true love the first of many)
Suzuki GSX1100SZ Katana (Even bigger sigh)
Suzuki GS425
Suzuki GS850 (The 3 legged pig!! - the frame was bent as it turned out)
Suzuki GS1000 (spotting a trend here)
Suzuki GS850 (Had it resprayed and fitted with Saluki chair for family reasons)

Jez decided it wunt fair on the wife to scare her rigid in the outfit so he broke it up and bought a Carlton estate. Then a Granada estate, then a Sierra estate, then an Escort (wait for it, yes) estate & a Fiesta and then went for 2 Punto's (to be kinder to the environment you know)

"Apart from that bugger all has happened really."


Well I suppose he must use Jeremy on Sundays and when his kids were Christened.